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My home studio practice gives you the flexibility and quality personal attention you deserve!   

Matrix Massage - This is an eclectic blend of techniques for any chronic pain or stress issue.  This massage will be unique to your needs.   Louise has a huge tool bag of techniques acquired over the years, ranging from very deep to energy work, hot to cold stone!        

Myofascial/Deep Tissue - For people with  structural issues and stubborn persistent tightness.    It is recommended for a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions to result in lasting and sometimes permanent results.

Hot Stone Massage -  Warm basalt stones are placed along central points on the body.  The stones are also used as tools throughout the massage.  This brings an even deeper sense of relaxation as well as calming to the central nervous system.  

Hot Himalayan Rock Salt Massage - Himalayan salt contains 84 nutrients essential for our body.  Negative ions are produced when the salt rocks are heated creating a deep sense of relaxation and peace.  The warm salts penetrate deep into the muscles and joints which soften the muscles and reduce inflammation.  It also helps to exfoliate, detox, alkalize and balance the body.  This treatment will leave your skin refreshed and glowing.   Used in almost the same manner as the Hot Stone Massage.  

The Transformation - A one hour massage followed by a half hour of Chakra Reading and Balancing.

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  • If you miss an appointment or fail to give me 24 hours notice you will be required to pay a fee of 50% of your service.


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